State Mandates with Act-Out

State Mandates with Act-Out

Our State Mandates with Act-Out Include:

Hazardous Materials (OSHA),

De-escalation, Addictive Disorders,

SIDS, Autism, Blood Borne Pathogens,

Domestic Violence, Human and Sexual Trafficking,

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Senile Dementia,

Mental Illness, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Our flat-rate fees cover your department and any absenteeism the day of your training.  If there’s someone sick, has a personal day, is on vacation, whatever the reason, you can send those make-ups to the mandated classes posted on our website (TRAINING) at no further cost to you.  Each mandated training listed online has a registration for a ‘make-up’ ticket.  There are 3 exceptions and those are for the Sheriff’s Association, Marshal’s Association, and Chiefs of Police Association as Act-Out is in a line-up of instructors for each of their conferences.  If you have someone that can’t make your scheduled training, simply go online and book a make-up ticket, send your absentee, and they will be given a copy of the roster at the training.  If you find that someone puts in for vacation/leave of absence prior to your booked/scheduled training, you can send them elsewhere prior to your own taking place  Also, multiple departments that are going in together on the flat-rate fee can choose to divide the invoice equally or have it calculated by a seat price using the roster to bill each department their fair share.  To help you decide how many sessions you need, there is a maximum of 100 officers per session.

To bring mandates to your department, contact April at 812-663-7110 or

No video taping is allowed at any of our classes.