Book Your Moving Surveillance School

Book Your Moving Surveillance School

IDEA’s Moving Surveillance Training is the most comprehensive, hands-on, moving surveillance school in the country. This school was custom built to fill the huge void in today’s law enforcement efforts. The ability to follow suspects covertly and collect evidence without being discovered is more challenging today than ever. This class, built by law enforcement professionals, is made to perfect the art of surveillance. Police need to follow terror suspects, narcotics traffickers, child predators, and money launderers. Regardless of your job assignment you need to be able to follow targets without getting “burned”. Using a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction, IDEA teaches surveillance theory and technique, and puts students on the street in realistic, team-based surveillance training exercises.

Students will gain crucial skills in:

  • Following targets covertly
  • Collecting evidence without being discovered
  • Maintain a still, short-term or long-term surveillance
  • Using disguised radio language to avoid detection
  • Using aircraft as surveillance tool
  • Urban and rural driving techniques
  • Protection of an Undercover Agent

All seats in this class are on a first come, first served basis, and seating is limited.

A full school holds a maximum of 16 students or a half-school holds a maximum of 10 students.

Registration Fee: $375 per student

Contact Dave Miller (317-372-0111) or April Kennedy ( to book a school in your area.